Sunday, August 26, 2012

April 2012

Easter and Bryce Canyon!

April was so much fun, Easter eggs, Easter Sunday outfits, camping at Bryce canyon, and a fun preschool field trip for Abby.

Abby's egg:

Max's eggs:

Poor Steph . . . doesn't like mornings!  She doesn't look to thrilled that the Easter Bunny comes so darned early in the morning!

Look, the Easter Bunny even left me a basket!!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought everyone in Utah!

Easter and Spring Break lined up this year, so we packed up the kids and the tent trailer and headed down to Bryce Canyon.  The weather report said that the first night would be 9 degrees.  So we got a room in the same hotel we had on our honeymoon.  The other nights, we just plugged in a space heater and hoped to keep it warm enough!  We were chilly, but it was perfect weather for hiking, and playing outside!

I love it when dad has the camera and catches a moment like this!  I don't have enough pics like this with my babies!

My boys!!!

I just had to include this shot of Abby and two some of her friends at a field trip to Smith's.  This is what little girls' faces look like when the see a squid!

March 2012

Stephanie's Birthday!

March we have 2 Birthdays.  Benjamin, who picked 3 friends to go to the movie with dad.  I am so sad that I didn't think to have dad snap pictures before or after the movie or during the ice cream they went and had after!

Stephanie turned 12 and had a slumber party!

February 2012

Valentines Dates

It has become a family tradition to take our kids on a Valentines day the day before or the day after Valentines day!  The kids look forward to it every year, and so do Thomas and I!

Mom with her boys:

Abby's Valentine Day treats for preschool!

January 2012

Let's see, to sum up January in a few words I would have to say:

Marshall's Baptism was wonderful

Abby's 5th birthday was full of girls and giggles

Marshall's 8th Birthday party was with old friends and good food

Max loves to play in the sink while mom does dishes!

We are excited for the new year and what it has in store for the Rust family!