Sunday, May 29, 2011

Updates on OUR temple!

One of the blessings of having Thomas in the High Council is that we hear some of the updates of the temple early.  Thomas came home the other day and said that they had been told that the stone work for the temple would be coming in within the next two days.  He said that they had been shown pictures of semi-trucks loaded down with the pre-cast stone for the temple. 

We hurried down and took some pics of the temple before the next phase of construction started. 

He also said that he had an idea of where they were storing the stone until it was ready to be put up . . . about a half mile from our house.  Of course I had to go for a little drive and see if I could get close enough to get some good pics. 

Sure enough, two days later the walls started going up.  Almost daily you hear stories of more semi-trucks on Brigham City streets carrying more pieces of the walls.  Each peice is only half as tall as the temple and about an 1/8th of one side of the temple.  Obviously, it's going to take alot of truck loads to get it all in! 

Here's what it looks like as of Thursday evening:

Can I just say how this building has changed a community!  There is a buzz around town . . . everyone is talking about how beautiful it is beginning to look, speculating about dates of completion, and debating about weather or not the trees in front are going to remain!  We have been told by the Stake President, that Angel Moroni will be arriving around June 27th!  Our family is so excited to have such a special building in our little town!

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