Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doing what we do best!

A little taste of us . . . doing what we do best!

Max . . . being absolutely adorable!

This was taken at Stephanie's bbq birthday party Saturday.  What a day for a barbecue!  We FROZE!
Marshall doing some gymnastics!  He started gymnastics class a couple of weeks.  This prompted mom to put a new family rule into effect . . . NO GYMNASTICS in the house!  I'll let you use your imagination on why such a rule was needed!

Abby being a princess.
She took a Princess Practice class at the Peak.  She went once a week for 5 weeks.  Each week she got to dress up in her tutus and wings and crown and learn about princesses.  Here she is at Princess Practice graduation:

Princesses can balance a cup on their heads (as long as they stick their tongue out a little)

Princesses drink with their pinky finger in the air!

Princess Practice teacher Jen
Ben, Stephanie, and Dad all got bikes for their birthdays!  So we spent some time remembering how to ride our bikes!  Only one minor crash incident from . . . you guessed it, Marshall!  He'll be fine as soon as he forgets where all the scabs are!

And here's the whole family (minus Benjamin . . . he had some other obligations) at Kite Day put on by Brigham City's Sights and Sounds of Brigham!

The first 900 kids got to make their own kites (are there even 900 kids in Brigham?????)

Again, here is poor Max in the stinkin' cold spring weather! 
Why do we do things in the cold???

Did I mention it was cold?????
Time to test out the kites!

There was a guy flying a string of kites . . . hey look, there is my house behind those kites!

You should NEVER fly kites when there is snow on the mountains!

There is always one kite in a tree!  This one was Stephanie's!

And all of us Parachute racing!  This was a BLAST, and harder than you would think.  You start running, the parachute fills with air and whoosh!  SOOOO much fun!

Never, I repeat, Never give Thomas the camera to "hold"!!!!


{J}eannie said...

looks like the kite flying was a blast, minus the cold and snow.
I also think maybe Thomas needs the camera more often, you look adorable.

Wish upon a Starr said...

How fun!!!! You guys are so involved with your community it's awesome!

I loved Abby's face at the princess class. The first pic, with her hands in the air. She has the greatest look and the hands just add to it. So so cute!!

So, who or what did Marshall hit with his gymnastics?? You might just look into getting an all day helmet for that boy of yours!!

So, when you coming out this way again?? Been a while since we have seen you. Miss ya!!

Grow old with me the Best is yet to be. said...

Cute family! Just don't tell Tom that I think I can detect a little gray starting to show in his hair. Miss having you close. I am not sure if you heard or not but Ashley is due June 24th with my first Grand Baby!! It is a boy!