Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Mile in our Journey!

I think our lives are a journey!  Some parts of the journey are "uphill both ways", and some parts are nice and level and smooth.  Well, these last two weeks for us have been a bumpy dirt road with stickers and thorns and . . . "uphill both ways".  The only thing that makes these parts of the journey bearable are that we walk them all together.  We have had such a strong support system from family and friends.  We will never be able to voice how much we appreciate each of you.

On Saturday the 19th of March, Max woke up coughing and wheezing.  He was struggling to breathe, and just very uncomfortable.  Thomas and I ran him down to the instacare clinic where the doctor determined he had RSV.  He sent us home with a nebulizer and instructions for how to make him more comfortable.  We were also told to bring him in for a follow up on Monday.

Soo, sooo, miserable :-(
 On Monday we took him in for his follow up.  He was still SO sad and sick.  The doctor was worried, because he could now hear some issues in his lungs.  We were told to take a jot down to the ER for some lung X-Rays.  Sure enough, he also now had viral pneumonia.  We were subscribed some antibiotics just as a precaution.  We were told to continue the nebulizer and the ibuprofen and the tylenol and the antibiotics.  I had a little list by the refrigerator listing all the times I was supposed to give him his different treatments/medicines.  We were told to bring him in the next day for another follow up.

This is how he slept all night.  Thomas and I would trade off so we could each get rest.

He really does not like this darn nebulizer
although he usually falls asleep instantly after the treatment.
It just helps him breathe so much better.
So the next day at our follow up visit, Max's happy personality was slowly starting to return.  I was optimistic that we had caught this early enough and the doctor had been proactive enough that maybe, just maybe we were over the worst of this!  Sure enough, he was breathing better, but now had a pretty icky ear infection.  We joked that this is the best time for an ear infection, he was already on the antibiotics, and tylenol and ibuprofen, he probably didn't even feel any discomfort.

We kept the nebulizer for 3 more days, but were instructed to call in each day rather than bring him in.  The next day, we got a small glimpse of our happy little boy!
He continued to improve and we got to return that darn nebulizer!  Unfortuneatly, we returned it while Thomas and Abby were at the instacare getting checked for strep.  aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  Neither of them had strep, but were pretty miserable for a couple of days.  Then Steph also had a few days where she was suffering from some pretty sever headaches and high fever.

Well, you would think our journey would level out a little after this, but leave it to Marshall to give us another run to the instacare!! He had a small open cut underneath his thumb from pulling off his thumbnail instead of using clippers -genius child ;-) It got infected, and blistered up quite nicely. Look away if you have a queasy stomache.

So the doctor poked a hole in it and drained out the infection, cut off the dead skin . . . turn your head again

And wrapped it up to prevent it from getting dirty.  He said it may be overkill on the wrap, but it would make the girls think he's pretty cool - smiles from marshall!!!

He now refers to this day as "The best day ever!"  I ask why, and he says because of all the stuff I got!  He got a corn dog and a slurpee from 7-11 and a sucker from the nurse and a sucker from the pharmacist where we filled yet another prescription for antibiotics!

Well, we are happy to announce that our journey has leveled out.  We are all currently happy and healthy and enjoying the prospect of spring!!

And our sweet Max is now healthy as can be!!!  We sure love our little monkey!


heath said...

Not fun. Glad everyone made it out ok. And hopefully you can avoid the doctor's office for a long time!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Cool Marshall!!!! Just so you know, you grossed out your aunt Megan. Shes a little weak with that stuff, good job!! ;)

It's good to see little Max smiling again. Glad everything worked out, and he is okay!

Mike and Megz said...

Oh, what an un-fun road you guys have traveled lately. We are so grateful Max is doing better. And as for Marshall's finger... that's gross! The weird thing is my sister called me a day after reading this post and said my nephew had done the same thing. Picked a hang nail that got infected and he got a huge blister! Marshall's might be healed already but she put melaluca oil on after they lanced it and it healed super fast! Anyway, we hope to see you guys soon!