Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm about as good of a blogger as I am a journal writer!  Good thing I love to scrapbook, or my kids wouldn't know what their lives were like as children!!

So, for those that didn't know, we WERE pregnant!  After a LONG and uneventful pregnancy, little Maxwell David Rust entered our home and our hearts.  He was 2 1/2 weeks early, and true to alot of pregnant ladies, came after a long day of "nesting".  I had done EVERY stitch of laundry in the ENTIRE house.  I had cleaned and organized my bedroom where the baby would be staying for his first few months of life.  I went through all of Abby's clothes and made piles of what goes to DI, what goes downstairs (not that we'll be needing any little girl hand-me-downs . . . I'm not quite ready to get rid of all or it yet), and what just goes in the garbage.  All of Abby's clothes are in a dresser in my closet, because there's more room in there than in the girls' room!  So I made room to add yet another child's clothes to my closet!  I even went through all of my maternity clothes and made pile of who they need to be returned to . . . lots of great people loaned me lots of great maternity clothes.  I organized my own maternity clothes into DI pile, loan to someone else pile and garbage pile!

Needless to say, by 5:00 in the evening, I was having a few mild braxton hicks style contractions, but they were like 20 minutes apart and not a big deal.  I also just wasn't feeling good at all.  Thomas came home for about 30 minutes before he had to rush off to do the nursery for the ward's enrichment activity.  I told him I didn't want him to stay for the whole thing, because I just didn't feel good, and I wanted him home.

By the time he was home at about 7:30, my contractions were pretty consistent, but still about 10 minutes apart, and just not hurting much at all.  I tried laying down for a nap, and I tried taking a nice warm bath, but the contractions wouldn't go away, and they kept getting closer together.  By about 10:00 at night, they were pretty consistently 5 minutes apart, and they were hurting pretty good.  We decided it was time to head to the hospital!

After 4 hours at the hospital trying to decide if I was going to be admitted, my contractions were 3 minutes apart, but I just wasn't dilating past a 3.

My excellent doctor decided to come in and break my water, I was going to be admitted, we were going to meet our little boy!  Sure enough 4 hours later Max made is debut!

He weighed 6lb 1oz and was 18" long.  He had a full head of dark hair.  He was perfect, tiny and perfect!

We brought him home to the loving arms of his brothers and sisters (big brother Ben was away at scout camp and didn't get to meet his little brother until the next day)!  We had been given instructions to have his jaundice levels checked, but other than that, things were great!

We took him into the hospital the next day to have his heel poked to test his jaundice levels, they were at 12.25.  The doctor said it was a little high, but we were still good to go.  We had an appointment with our doctor the next day and we'd take another heel poke then.  Max was the most mild mannered little baby, he let all of his brothers and sisters hold him, even little Abby who just beamed from head to toe!  I pretty much just held him and loved on him as much as I could!

At his doctor's appointment, Max's weight had gone down to 5lb 12 oz which isn't abnormal at all, most babies lose some weight for a few days after coming home from the hospital.  The hope is that they gain it back by their 2 week check up.  His jaundice levels however had gone up to 16.75.  That's when we got word that the dreaded glowing bed was going to arrive at our house that evening and that Max was going to have to spend the night and the next day "glowing".  We were instructed not to take him off of the bili bed except for feedings and diaper changes.  That was pretty tough for me, and tough most of all for big brother Ben.  If you know my Ben, he has the most tender, caring heart.  He sat and watched little Max crying in the Bili Bed and his emotional post partum mother crying as well, and he was pretty shook up over the whole incident!  Eventually mom got control of herself, and we learned some tricks to make Max more comfortable during his stay on his "glowing bed" and Ben felt a little better as well!

The next day we took Max into the hospital again for another heel poke, his jaundice levels had gone down to 11.9, that meant no more bili bed for the day.  Instructions were given to have his heel poked again the next day!  If his levels were still good, we could give the nice home health people back their dang bed!  Sure enough, his levels were at 11.9 again the next day and the bed went back to where it belongs!

From then on, Max has gained back his birth weight and some, his last appointment had him at 6lb 7oz, and had gained an inch as well!  He's absolutely beautiful, and still a very mild tempered baby.  Don't get me wrong, he does know how to use his lungs, especially when it comes to bath time and when he's ready for dinner!

We  love our new little Max, and are so grateful for the little miracles that bring each of our children to us!  We love being a family of 7!

He LOVES his mommy!!


姿胤綸婷 said...
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Angela said...

I love it! He is so adorable.

Wish upon a Starr said...

Whoa! The third picture down on Max's "professional" pics, reminds me A LOT of Grandpa Mansfield, our grandpa Mansfield(Henry). I'm not sure what it was, but when I first saw it, I saw Grandpa. He is such a cute baby!!! I'm so glad I got to hold that little boy. And, I love your new back ground, way cute!

Michele and Wyatt said...

I'm so glad that he is here and doing well. He is so cute. I just want to hold him.

Nik said...

Congratulations! He is adorable!

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