Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Why don't more people drive a Dodge Ram?"

I had to blog this for my Dad! Last summer my dad drove up to buy himself a new motorbike from a guy in Idaho. Since Brigham City was exactly halfway, dad stopped by to spend the night. He also invited Benjamin to take the rest of the trip with him. Benjamin was THRILLED!!!! 3 things he loves most in this whole world are #1 grandpa, #2 granpa's truck, and #3 motorcycles/snowmobiles/4 wheelers. I think mom and dad MIGHT fall in the top 10 somewhere!

So I can just imagine what the 4 hour drive was like for my poor dad!! Ben can sure ask alot of questions, and his conversations are usually stuck on one topic.

They got home later that night, dad has a new bullet bike in the back of his truck, Ben has a new hat from the motorcycle dealer and a sparkle in his eyes.

Well, ever since then, Ben has unloaded on us all the important information he has learned on his trip with grandpa! Don't worry grandma, it's all clean!

He informs us that grandpa's truck is a Dodge Ram. It's not a V8, becuase it's cylinder is straight. SO, they call it a Straight 8. yada, yada, yada, yada.

This morning as I drive him to school (picture Benjamin watching EVERY truck on the road intently) he says to me: "I wonder why more people don't drive Dodge Ram trucks". I tell him that if everyone drove Dodge Ram, then the world would be awfully dull. Of course he looks at me like "are you insane!"

We pull into the school parking lot and there's a Dodge Ram parked in the parking lot. Ben is studying it INTENLY. He says: "Mom that Dodge Ram says V8, and a real, true Dodge Ram isn't a V8, it's a straight 8. That truck isn't a TRUE Dodge Ram."

A couple of days ago he said to me "Mom, has grandpa always had a Dodge Ram?" I had to burst his bubble and tell him that in the days of going up to the mountain to chop firewood, my dad drove a FORD truck!

Poor boy. I drive a Chevy and Thomas drives a Chrysler. Neither of them are trucks (mine is close, SUV. He informed me that the Trailblazer is built on a truck frame so it's almost like owning a truck). Last summer we sold the only truck we've ever owned, and it was a 1989 FORD. I'm not sure if he'll grow up normal or not!!!!


Michelle Cahill said...

The good news Amber, is that you can proudly inform Benjamin that his great uncle Leon surely but truely has never owned anything but a true Dodge Ram at least when it when it comes to his trucks!! LOL He sure takes after those Mansfields doesn't he???

Wish upon a Starr said...

Love your back ground!! Love your post! In fact, I think I'm going to call up papa and tell him to check the blog. He used to do it pretty often, and he still might, but just in case, I'm calling him for you cause he would love this one! What a cute boy, I wish I had his memory!!

Michele and Wyatt said...

Grandpa would be proud! Ben is such a cute boy, we just love him.

Lori Muir said...

Ha! I have to echo Michelle. I remember the debate going on between Wynn and Leon back in the days. It WAS HOT! I think we even had some Dodge/Ford debates about it ourselves! That's crackin' me up! We happen to sadly have a Chevy truck. Sorry Ben.