Saturday, February 27, 2010

Salon Days!!!!

Meet Shaelee!
She is Marshall's personal beautician!
Marshall and Shaelee have been friends/boyfriend/girlfriend since they knew each other existed! (I've known shae's mom for 6+ years). We fondly refer to Shaelee as "Our Shae"! Well, Shae and Marshall got together yesterday for a playdate while I went to a funeral. After the funeral, I grab my cell phone to turn it back on and I notice there is a missed call from Shae's mom. I listen to my messages and sure enough there's a message from Tammy warning me to not freak out when Marshall gets home from school! It seems that during play date, they decided to play salon!

So, Marshall comes home from school, and I instantly ask him how his time with Shae was. Hoping he would fess up! He didn't.

So I asked "What happened to your hair?" to which he replies:

"It wasn't me mom". Can you say guilty conscience? He's done this to himself quite a few times! The first time he did, he claimed he did it so Shae would think he was cute!

So upon closer inspection, here's how his salon trip went!!! I was laughing the ENTIRE time I was taking these! I had just put new pics of the girls on the wall, and today was going to be boy photo shoot day. Well, he still got his photo shoot - for the blog of course - and when we fix his hair, he'll get a new photo shoot!!

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