Monday, June 15, 2009

Haven't we done this before!

Well, here goes another one of our kids taking the plunge from the bike with training wheels to the "big boy bike". Each of our children have handled this a little differently. Benjamin, kicking and screaming when we made him get on this same bike WITH training wheels! Less kicking some screaming when it was time to remove them. The training wheels on Stephanie's bike gradually broke and we just never told her! She thought she was riding a bike with training wheels, but NOPE!!!

Here's Marshalls attempt. No kicking, some whimpering/crying! Lots of aprehension!

Where do you go to practice riding your bike? We go to the local cemetary! Plenty of flat space, not alot of traffic! Lots of grass (granted it's mixed in with lots of large cement stones as well!)

Here's a little bit of that whimpering and apprehension I mentioned. I think if I were close enough to hear this conversation, I might hear something along the lines of "I think we should be done practicing for today dad." or "I'm just plum beat, let's head on home and try this again when I'm 12!"
Oh, what's this . . . oh, yes more apprehension/whimpering.

Here we go, we're going to do it this time!

Hmmmmm. Could this be aprehension and whimpering?

THIS time we're going to do it!

The final decision for the night was that . . . .

Mom was easier to practice riding bikes with! SHE NEVER EVER LET GO OF THE BIKE!
the other decision made tonight, was that mom and dad are getting too old for this! Either the bikes are getting closer to the ground, mom and dad are getting taller, or our backs are just getting weaker. I don't remember it hurting like this with the other two kids!