Monday, May 11, 2009

Ward Air Concert

Our ward does this every year. Each group (primary, young mens, young womens, relief society, nursery . . .) picks a song, choreographs it, picks out costumes and practices for weeks. On the final night they perform their song in front of the whole ward and some well picked judges! Bribes are accepted and highly suggested! See if you can figure out what songs my kids were doing by their pics!

Benjamin's song . . .

Notice the corn dogs . . . yup, you guessed it "The Corn Dog Song!"

Marshall's song . . . . (also please notice where he took the scissors to his hair the morning of the air concert!)

something pirate perhaps . . . "Spongebob Square Pants"
Stephanie's song . . .

hint . . . they are all wearing yellow . . . yellow like a bee . . . "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee!"
by the way, no more tiny pictures. That was gross! I thought it would be the faster way to catch up on everything. It was, but you couldn't tell if those pics were stephanie at her party, or The Queen of England at the grocery store!

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