Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fishing Field Trip!

Marshall's preschool does this huge field trip at the end of the year. We first discovered the trout farm when we went with this same preschool 4 years ago when Stephanie was in preschool. The preschool invites the whole family, everyone brings a picnic lunch, and the preschool kids get to go fishing. We paid $2.50 and by the end of the trip, we were given back the fish the kids caught, all gutted and ready to eat! (EWWWW)

First we get instruction:

Don't Fall In - It can cause mom to leap in after you. Plus it makes the fish sick.
Then we got to go to work! Thankfully, I was able to hand my camera over to a friend whose son goes to the same preschool so that I could help Marshall fish. Look, I'm in a picture!
Oh, another rule . . . pull the hook out of the fish . . . EWWWW! That's when you're glad that there are some fathers around to help, cause Marshall and I were doing good to touch and hold the fish. Yanking out a sharp hook . . . um, NO!

Then we got to touch our fish . . . EWWWW!
Marshall and I kinda got slimed by his fish!

Then drop your fish in this big bucket so they can go to the people that fillet the fish!

Then enjoy the scenery and the pretty ponds!

Peek a boo Marshall!

Then we sanitized our hands 5 bajillion times and ate our lunch! Marshall's friend Hunter "donated" his fish to us. Now we have two fish in our freezer! {place sarcasm here} YEAH! I LOVE FISH!
It was SOOOOO much fun watching all the little kids' response to the fish. The girls were usually more willing to touch the fish, the boys were screaming like little girls! It was awesome!


Wish upon a Starr said...

Who put the worm on the hook? I can touch a fish but putting the worm on the hook would end up with a whole "thrown up" meal for the fish. How very much fun!!!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Fun field trip (for the kids!!) I'm with you EEEEEW!! I'd be for makin' Matt take a day off work to come on the fishy field trip!

Love all the pictures! The one where Marshall's (at least that's what it looks like) listening to a teacher is so cute. :)

Nik said...

Fun! I've never actually been to a place that actually lets you keep the fish. It's usually catch and release. I'm glad to see you in a pic!

Caldwell's said...

I bet the kids had a blast & were just wide-eyed the whole time. Yes, fish are a little slimy for me too. Cool field trip though.