Monday, May 11, 2009


Look at me getting all caught up at once! I'm feeling a little under the weather, so I'm taking a sick hour from working, and playing catchup with blogging!
So here are our fun Easter activities!

Dyeing the eggs

A few years ago, Stephanie stuck her hands in a cup of green dye. She pulled her hands out and just started bawling! She was sure she would NEVER get her beautiful hands back to normal. This year, Marshall did the same thing. Tried to hold his egg in the dye only halfway - you know, so that only half of the egg is green. He missed the point of those little doohickeys they put in the egg dye packets and used his hands. However, he thought this was TOTALLY AWESOME! Now her really is a super hero!!! Like HULK!

I don't think Abby has the idea of these little doohickeys down either!!

Then we had a picnic at the park! This is the only swing set in a public park within Box Elder County. Of course we had to go there!

Thomas was trying to pump hard enough that I couldn't snap a pic of him. Dad doesn't know me very well does he!!

And when I hand the camera to Thomas for safe keeping, it seems I end up in a photo as well. I guess I don't know HIM very well either!

Then the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. This is the big kids waiting ever so patiently {said with dripping sarcasm} to give little Abby a head start on the hunt!

Maybe the Easter Bunny should have hidden more eggs in the FRONT yard! Much prettier for pics, and less dangerous for poker weeds! Still working on that dang back yard!!

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Wish upon a Starr said...

How very fun!! Your kids look so old in these pictures. I've seen them since,but in these pics, they look so grown up.