Thursday, March 12, 2009

Benjamin's Big #12!!!

Yesterday my oldest son turned 12. He tells me he's almost a teenager, "does that make you feel old mom?"

This was the first time that I had a schedule conflict with one of my own child's birthday. I had a wedding of a friend that I was asked to be the photographer for. I told him that we would celebrate his birthday on Thursday, the day AFTER his birthday. Well, I might as well had just told him I'd shot the dog I wont ever get for him!!! I almost sat him down and explained to him the small fact that he was born 2 weeks PAST his due date, and I was in labor with him for 21 1/2 hours, and that he most certainly could wait one more day for his birthday . . . .

. . . but I didn't. I apologized for having a conflict on his special day, and PROMISED that we would make it up to him the next day. So the morning of his actual birthday, as I was getting dressed after my workout, I got a call from the school informing me that I was 10 minutes late for a community council meeting at 7:00 (AM - whatever %$#@) so, my plans to make him a special breakfast of toaster waffles (I love to cook, so usually I make a fairly large, healthy breakfast, so toaster waffles was WAY cool to him!!) got delegated to my great husband who is fortuneate enough to have a very lenient time to have to be to work in the morning. So as I'm sitting in the meeting thinking about what a terrible mother I am, my husband is home trying to explain to Benjamin why mom was gone the morning of his birthday.

Well, today was the day to make up for it . . . While he was at school, I srubbed the house from top to bottom (not that kids notice, but it makes it easier to enjoy a bday if your not tripping over things and sticking to the floor) cooked up his favorite dinner of sloppy joes, pork and beans, deviled eggs, sweet pickles, and potatoe chips, baked a beautiful, elaborate, rectangle shape birthday cake (9x13 to be exact - shout out to my wonderful cake decorating sister!!) and wrapped his presents!

We eat his great birthday dinner together as a family - with Marshall declaring "Mom, there's nothing in this dinner that I hate!" As I wipe my tears of great joy for making my children so happy we head to the family room to open presents.

He got a Wii charging station,

A AWESOME new set of sheets . . . I know, I know . . . "who invited that kid"
A new hiking back pack for scouts

A new pair of shoes, and the game POP STAR for the Wii.
Blowing out the candles - don't you just DIG the cake?!
oooh, yeah, I put on yellow sprinkles, ben's favorite color

I was going to take pictures of Ben's new sheets on his bed, but they're pretty boring looking when you get them on his bed - just navy blue.
So, PHOTOSHOOT!!! Here's my favorite one of him from tonight. Hanging in his jammies on his bed. My 12 year old son!

He asked to take a few pics of his room since I did the same thing for stephanie's room the other day. It's not quite done, we've got some rub on words to put on the wall, and I bought a pattern for curtains that someday I'll get to!

His room is the "Invention Room" So we went for a lot of metal and blueprints and cool boy stuff! This blue print is of the Baltimore Rail Road station in Maryland. He LOVES it! Someday he's going to own a train station!

In honor of my Benjamin,
12 things I love about Benjamin!
1. He doesn't let what other's think of him get him down.
2. He is THE most friendly kid in the world. He'll talk to anyone. Especially if they drive a tractor, or a big truck, or a motorcycle, snowmobille, 4 wheeler, UPS truck, mail truck . . . .
3. His Cowlicks (all three of them!)
4. He is always smiling.
5. He wants to own a 4 wheeler store, every kind of tractor, and a train station . . . so he'll need 2 part time jobs when he grows up huh mom?
6. I love that he believes entirely and completely that HE WILL MAKE THE WORLD WORK BETTER when he gets older. He is always explaining how when he gets older he'll do this and this to make it so that planes never have to crash land in the Hudson River!
7. I love how much he loves us! EVERY day when I drop him off at school he tells me "I Love You", gets out of the car, and waves at me until I'm around the corner!
8. I love that he has overcome SO many challenges and he still smiles and thinks the best of everyone and everything.
9. I love that he is every bit like his dad! Future engineer!
10. I love that he asks SO MANY questions! When he was younger Thomas and I traveled together to Pennsylvania on a business trip and left him and Stephanie with 3 different neighbors over the time frame. When we got home and talked to each neighbor about how the kids handled us being away, they each and everyone said WOW, Benjamin asks alot of questions !! He just wants to know absolutely everything!
11. I love that he is SOOOOOOO patient with me. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding why he loves tractors so much, or how wind turbines work, and I tend to let it go in one ear and out the other. But he still gives me the chance to listen and be a better mom.
12. I love that every once in a while he'll say "Hey mom?" and I'll say "What?" and he'll say "I love you". I love that Heavenly Father saw my faults, and sent me a son who would love me despite them. He is such a special kid, and he means the world to me. I love you Benjamin!
Happy 12th birthday!!!


Rusts said...

Great job on the blog Amber. Thanks for keeping it up to date. And happy birthday to Benjamin too.

Wish upon a Starr said...

Happy Birthday big boy!!! I can't believe he is 12 yrs old. WOW!!! How old are you feeling right now? With Ben reminding you that you almost have a teen. :)

What a cute boy you have!! We love him, and you make sure you tell him that!

So, when are you coming out again?

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Haaaappppyyy Biiiirrrttthhhddaaaaay Benjamin!! I can't believe he's 12!!

What a sweet made me teary eyed :)

Nutty Nielsen's said...

Amber, It's funny that you and I have a son born on the same day. My son turned 12 on Benjamin's birthday. Small world. His room looks awesome. What a great mom you are.

Alana Lange said...

Very cute post! I can't believe our boys are 12! We are old. Very nice tribute to him too.

Caldwell's said...

You make me laugh. What a great post with hilarious description. You are a great mom, I can tell. My Carly will be 12 this summer too. I too, am feeling a little old with that realization.

heath said...

What a sweetheart. And I'm all about 9X13 cakes!

Emily said...

I seriously cannot believe our buddy Benjamin is 12!! Where did the last few years go? Tell him Happy Birthday for us!