Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thomas gets older too!

January is our killer month for Birthdays! First little Marshall, then baby Abby, and last but not least our awesome husband and dad!

Well, for Thomas' birthday we went into Logan and took dad to one of our family's favorite chinese restaurants. Wok on Wheels. Dad's favorite part of the evening was when we went to Best Buy to pick out a new T.V. for our master bedroom. We've been using this old t.v. we got from the D.I. It's one of those old dial t.v.s no remote. The last one to fall asleep is the one who has to get out of bed and turn off the t.v. Kinda like a race!!!

Anyway, before we left to dinner, I told Thomas we were going to go do a little photo shoot for his birthday gift. We haven't had our pictures taken since our engagement photos! That, was close to the dumbest idea I've ever had!! Have you ever done a self portrait? How about a self portrait that involves more than one person? It was really hard, and we felt a little silly trying to look all young and cute!!!! Then we felt even sillier when we put the pics on the computer! That's okay, it gave us a little humor in our day. The family that laughs together . . .

We decided that we're not that hot, sexy, young couple we used to be (hahahahahahaha) or that we imagine ourselves to be!!

So, here's our stats (found this on Michele's blog!)
Years Married: almost 13
Apts/homes lived in: 3
States lived in: 1 (We've lived in 3 cities Logan, Hyrum, Brigham City)
Wards attended: 5
Cars owned: 5 plus 1 truck (old rusty)
Traffic tickets: only 2 I can remember (1 for each of us!)
Colleges attended: 1
Degrees earned: 1
Callings held--Thomas: 6, Amber: 6
Paid jobs--Thomas:5, Amber: 3
Hospital stays: 6
ER visits: 6 (Amber 2, Stephanie 2, Abigayle 2 - hmmmm, must be a girl thing!)
Years pregnant: 3 years and 9 months
Kids: 4
Nieces and nephews born: 11 on Amber's side 27 on Thomas' side
Trips out of the USA: 1 for Amber at least 30 for Thomas

I want to thank my awesome hubby. He puts up with alot. My mom tells me that I'm no shrinking violet whatever that means :-) , but he still loves me. He is one of the most patient, selfless, hard working, kind, honest, caring, hot, sexy hubby I could ever ask for.

I Love You Thomas!

P.S. please don't laugh to hard at our attempts to look young and cool. We're a little self-concious about how these turned out!


Cameron and Amy said...

How fun! Happy birthday to your hubby! And I think your pictures look cute. Good job doing it by yourself, I say!

Tara L. said...

I think that they look great. Especially since you are doing them all by yourself. Happy Birthday to Thomas.

The Mateus Family said...

I think your pictures turned out great! How fun for you to do them!

Alana Lange said...

Who says your not hot and sexy??? I know what you mean, whenever Bret and I get a picture together, we look at and say, "who is that old couple?" You guys look great, fun post! Happy B-day Thomas.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

What?! I think they're cute pictures! Love the stats! Happy Birthday, Thomas!!

Marla said...

Happy Birthday Rusts. I love the second one down. It is way cute!! And you do look young and sexy!!

Nik said...

The pictures look great! And y'all still look as young as the day you left high school. Besides....age is a state of mind.

Heather Bell said...

I think you both look great I don't think you know how to take bad pics of anyone!!! They are great!! Happy Birthday Thomas!!!

Sara said...

I love your pictures! You both look young and great. Happy Birthday Thomas.

Juanita said...

You look totally hot in the pics! :-) I'm impressed with your talent. Happy belated b-day to Thomas.

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

I think the pictures are great! I think we all still look hip and young! Aren't we?

Wish upon a Starr said...

How fun!! It was good to talk with you the other night! Tell Thomas happy birthday from all of us! We love you guys.

Brandy and Trent said...

Hey i need to get with you to see if you can make me a little movie of all my pictures of my first year being married.. i want to give it to my husbamd for our anniversary

Michele and Wyatt said...

The pictures might be a little cheesy, but I think it is great that you have them. I would like some pictures of Wyatt and I.

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Keri Loveland said...

You and Thomas are so dang cute together!! Yes, we moved! Yay! We are loving our space. I will have to call you and give you my new number. We will miss you. Love ya

Megan and Mike Glines said...

Whoa, you guys are so old! Ha Ha, at least I'm always younger than you! Just kidding, I think the pictures are so cute.

Lynja said...

I think they are GREAT!!!