Sunday, February 22, 2009

The finished princess room!

Well, we decided that Abby is old enough to graduate from her crib. We probably could have done it earlier, but there is just something about putting her down for a nap and knowing that she can't get out on her own!

As we were putting up the big girl bed, we decided to finish up all the little detail things that we never finished in the girls' room.

So after all that work, here is the final finished product (minus one pic that we ran out of nails to hang).

Big Girl Bed!
My friend made me this beautiful blanket with this super soft "cowlick" material on the back and this beautiful silk on the other side. Go check out her web site, she's awesome!

Princess Chandalier - Every princess needs a big chandalier!

Dresser with princess knobs!

Purple curtains with a tie back for their closet. Ripped out the closet doors, too cumbersome. Stephanie couldn't even open them!

Purple accent wall - so that it's not too pink!

Stephanie's bed. Complete with barbie sized doll house foot board.

The full view!

Princess clock and magnet board!

My favorite wall! Huge 20x20 pics of them!

More of the doll house view! Surprisingly, there are no naked barbies in the house today!

The full shot!


Nik said...

WAY cute room! Nice job! I love decorating and seeing others ideas.

Justin &Tammy Taylor said...

Very cute!!! I love it!

heath said...

Wow, what little girl wouldn't kill for a room like that!

Angela said...

so nice. Tell me, do you have a secret for getting your stripes to turn out so well?

Michele and Wyatt said...

cute room!

Tara L. said...

Very Cute!!!!

Caldwell's said...

Cute stripes. What a fun room. We're going to have the same dilemma any day now. That crib is sure nice---when they can't get out of it.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Love it! We're big fans of princesses around here :) Yeah, what's the deal with the naked barbies/baby dolls? We find lots of those around here-silly girls :)

Great job! Lucky girls!!

Mike and Megz said...

Wow, adorable Amber (and I assume Thomas)! I love the purple curtains on the closet-- so much cooler than doors!

Emily said...

The room looks amazing!

Jen said...

What a cute room! We have a couple with stripes too and I love them...but what a pain to do! And wow, I think you're so amazing for your running! I'm sure you could do a half at the drop of a hat! It's not as hard as it sounds. Especially with all your daily runs and years behind you. Keep in touch!

tina said...

I love that barbie house idea!! And thanks for comementing so quickly on the other blog. I had it on shutter priority so YEA that it was fstops you suggested!!!

Lori Muir said...

My favorites are the pictures. Where do you like to order them from?

Brian and Shara's beautiful family said...

That is too cute Amber. Let me know when you're coming out east - I would LOVE some ideas and some help on KennaDee and Jackson's room. Love the pics. We are getting ready to put some big canvases of Brian and I up in our room. As soon as we get it done and ordered I'll send you picture of it.