Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas Fun Night - Finally!

Well, things have finally slowed some for my business. I shot around 25 jobs in November, 30 in December. I finished my 3 last major shoots before Christmas yesterday, with only one small one left to go on Tuesday. I got a pretty rough case of laryngitis. I could hardly talk at all! They say the only cure is to rest your vocal cords and run a humidifier. Well, as a mom of 4 kids, PTA president and photographer the resting my vocal cords was not an option! Whenever I was home, I had 2 big ole pots of water a boiling on the stove! The neighbor called one night, concerned that my house was on fire! She said "all we can see through your windows is fog!!"

Today, I wanted my kids to feel Christmasy! I felt like I was jipping them the experience of enjoying the small joys of Christmas. We hadn't done any of our little traditions. Hadn't done any baking. Only decorated the house on a very minimal basis. Hadn't even wrapped many presents for the tree.

So, this morning I felt the best I had in weeks! I woke up at 9:00am (thank goodness for 1:00 church) wrapped about a dozen presents. Then I called in the kids one at a time and had them wrap their presents for each other! They giggled and laughed as they put things under the tree and tried to guess what they were! Then we got all dolled up for Christmas Sunday. We all looked so spiffy!

After dinner, we decided it was time to make and decorate cookies!

3 sad things about this . . .

1) the frosting was leftover from when we decorated gingerbread houses at the school. Didn't even make my own frosting! My red and green food coloring was gone, so we used purple and lime green!

2) the only candy I had in the house was a bag of M&Ms leftover from . . . yeah, the gingerbread houses at the school! At least these were red and green!

3) the cookies - NOT HOMEMADE!!!! gasp!! We had some cookie dough we had bought as a fundraiser from a girl in our ward, one was macadamia nut, and one was white chocolate key lime! They were about 6 months old! Well, we rolled them out as much as the chunks would allow us, and let the kids use cookie cutters to cut out their chunky cookies!

The kids however didn't notice the 3 bad things, they had a blast! I hope they were thinking, hey, mom is fun again!!

After the cookies, I decided to start a double batch of my mom's traditional poppy seed bread! YUMMY!! One of the things growing up that ALWAYS meant Christmas to me was when mom made about 40 loaves of poppy seed bread and we delivered it to the neighbors! One year, Megan got chased by a pig at one of the houses we delivered to . . . (wipe tears of laughter from my eyes).

Needless to say, today I feel SO much better. I feel better physically, I feel better spiritually, and I feel better on a stress level too! Bring on Christmas!

here's our chunky cookie dough, purple and lime green frosting!! Nothing else says Christmas better!

Did I mention we had pastel colored, flower shaped sprinkles too! HoHoHo!!

Hey look, green sprinkles!!

hey, where did that come from?!


Hey, there might be a little mouse in the house!!! I should do a finger measureing test!!


heath said...

I'm glad I don't have kids yet to feel guilty about not doing Christmas-y things. Someday I will get around to it, right? (Hopefully!)

The Jeppsen 5 said...! When the kids grow up, they won't remember that the cookies weren't homemade or that the frosting was purple and lime green. They'll remember making cookies all together and how sweet and fun their mom was :) Great post!!! Merry Christmas!

PS I'm in LOVE with your camera,or maybe it's your photo-skillz,or both...anyway...LOVE all the pictures :D