Sunday, December 21, 2008

My little artist!

Stephanie LOVES art! She has since she was old enough to write on the walls!!!! I used to think it was a phase and she wouldn't stick with it. Heaven only knows that I can't create my own art like that! (at least without a camera!)

I signed her up for art lessons, and she is having so much fun with it! She comes home every week with a new creation! Everything she looks at she tries to draw. I love the classes, because the teacher is helping her look at reality and make things like dimension and sizing work on paper!

Well, today at church she started drawing a manger scene. When she finished she asked if we could hang it somewhere in the house! I told her when we got home she should color it or paint it so that it could be seen better on the wall! When we get home, she gets out her water color paper and starts to draw in her scene. After a while she says "you know what I should ask for on my birthday since it's too close to ask for it for christmas? I should ask for one of those things that holds your paper while you paint." (already on that one for christmas!!!!!!)

Then she decides that she can make one! She had seen Thomas make me a HUGE easel out of cardboard that we covered in fabric and used as a traveling photo exhibit for my students photos. So, she grabs a large piece of cardboard and continues to "engineer" (this is the word Thomas used - I used the word "craft" ) herself an easel! As soon as she was done, she says "I wish grandma could see this" DUH!! I grab the camera snap some pictures of her in action, and here we are! Grandma can see her easel!

Benjamin got a little caught up in the action too! Stephanie convinced him to get out his art stuff! Now, remember, ben is a more like his dad than his sister! I want you to compare the complexity of their art work. He was bored and done in 5 minutes! Not quite seeing the point to all of this!

Thomas gets home from Home Teaching, and just beams at his daughter the engineer. WHAT!?! No daughter of mine . . . . j/k!

Here's the "engineering" project!

Here's the artwork in progess!

Here's ben's artwork!

Steph's final artwork!

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The Jeppsen 5 said...

Beautiful artwork, Steph!! Your momma should frame that!! :)