Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abby Ella!!

Just working on the kids' pictures for the annual christmas cards! Abby was the first one ready for church today, so she got to be first in the torture chamber i.e. studio!!

She is growing up so fast! Sometimes time will freeze for a moment, and I will look at her and just go WOW! She is so beautiful, and she has such a sweet little personality! She LOVES to sing songs. Her personal favorite is "I love Abby, she loves me . . . we love daddy, yes siree . . ." She can already count to 12 and sing her ABC's! It makes me a little sad to see my little baby girl start to grow up. Then I realize how great she is, and I feel like I get a glimpse of how great she is going to be, and I'm excited to watch her grow!

She is always "my abby wuv"!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween at the Rusts!

Well, I'm finally getting down to updating our blog! Yes, we did Halloween this year!! Marshall got to go with his preschool group to a fun little pumpkin patch in Corinne. They put all the kids and moms on a truck drawn hay wagon and took us deep into some fields. When we got to the pumpkin patch with the BIGGEST pumpkins ever, they let all the people off and the 25 preschool kids got to pick ANY pumpkin they wanted! I drove the "Trail"blazer (I put that in there for you Mike :-) with two other moms and their boys plus Marshall and one other boy whose mom couldn't come. So I had every seat full, and 4 boys picking GINORMOUS pumpkins, and we had to haul them from the wagon to the "TRAIL"blazer (wouldn't have fit in a plain BLAZER, mike!) and then had to balance them precariously on top of each other to make sure they would all fit!

Thought I was going to have to leave the boys at the pumpkin patch!! Here's Marshall's pumpkin - gee, they seemed alot bigger in real life!

Then, we couldn't leave the other kids out, everyone needs a pumpkin on Halloween! Brigham City has a plethora of fruit stand that sell pumpkins in the fall. It's so much better than buying them from the grocery store! See the price there, EACH AND EVERY PUMPKIN was 2/1.00! They weren't as big as the one's in the farmers field, but they had a mini hay maze for kids to play around in, and everyone found a pumpkin suited for them!

Notice how NONE of my kids look at the camera when I take their picture . . .

Then it was time for the carving of the pumpkins. Check out Marshall's pumpkin! I debated about putting him in it, he probably would have fit!! Can you imagine putting 4 pumpkins that size plus 4 kids and 3 adults in a vehicle!

I didn't get a ton of pics of the carving, that was the same night that I did my Halloween Photo Party. So in between running to the studio for appointments, I'd run upstairs and join in the festivities!

We love halloween at our house! Here's the link to the kids in their halloween costumes. To clear it all up, Benjamin is a Ninja, Stephanie is a witch, Marshal is a . . . Motorcycle and rider, and little Abby is Piglet!
We didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters this year, we had a ton of candy left over - DANG IT! We'll have to make sure it gets taken care of somehow!
The dentist is offering to buy it back from his patients . . . hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Abelskiever Sunday!

For as long as I can remember, every general conference Sunday, my mom would make Abelskievers (spelling????). They are made from a pancake type dough, then cooked in a pan with round circles cut out in it - see below! We usually cover them in syrup, peanut butter, jam, powdered sugar and/or honey! We always had a contest to see who could eat the most. It was usually Wyatt and Dad, that is until we started getting brother-in-laws in the family! Now, it's usually up in the air who is going to win the contest.

Mom bought each of us a pan one year so we could carry on the traditions with our own families. I was excited, because as our family got larger, it got harder to travel all the way to Vernal for something as comparitively small as general conference. Now, my own little family - every General Conference Sunday enjoys these little pancakes!

Here we are this past conference - I think Thomas won the contest this year, although I hear from the Vernal group, that he got no where near the bro-in-laws!! Well, there's always next time!