Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scarriest Story!

Yesterday, I was doing some photo editing on a job, and Marshall came in and handed me something and said "Abby had this . . ." I look down at his hand, and it was a little red pill. I ask him where he got it and he said it was in his bag. I assumed it was from his bag of treats at the parade, because that's the only bag I can think of. I kinda figured it was just a fluke that he had picked it up on accident at the Peach Days Parade two days ago. So I go back to the computer. 20 minutes later Abby comes in and she needs a diaper change. I go in to the living room to change her, and notice two EMPTY 6 packs of decongestant pills - you know, the kind that you push the pill through the back to get them out. There were also 3 pills missing from a 12 pack.

I recognised them, because we bought them BRAND NEW for our trip to Flaming Gorge in July. You only need to take one every 12 hours, and I only remember taking 1 or 2, I remember Thomas taking 2 and I remember giving 2 to Benjamin. I don't remember ever having used any others. So, all in all that accounted for 6 of the open pill things, plus the one Marshall brought to me makes 7. That means there are 8 pills unaccounted for! My obvious thoughts were "My baby just ate 8 adult doseage decongestants (Claritin). The time span had been about 25 minutes by now, and I'm watching her really closely trying really hard to remember if we'd given any pills to anyone else while we were camping. I couldn't think of any.

So, I call the Doctor. Of course, I can only get a nurse on the phone. I relay my story to her and all she says is "well, the doctor is in with a patient. He's going to have to call you back" So, I hang up and keep watching my daughter (who is only 20 months old). About 10 minutes later (it's now been about 40 minutes) the nurse calls back and says "Take her to the ER right now".

By now, a little sense of calm is starting to settle in for me, because by 40 minutes, those pills should have already kicked in. So I start to quiz Marshall. Did Abby open these packets? (maybe I should have quized him before I called the Dr. :-) ) "No" he says. "There were two packages already empty when I got them out of the bag" "What bag was it?" I asked him. "My backpack for preschool" I now remember going on a hike down to Jones Hole (also in Vernal) and taking that bag with supplies- including allergy meds- we obviously hadn't cleaned it out all the way. So then, I give Abby the package with 9 pills still in them, and tell her to show mommy how to open it. She goofs around with it for about 2 minutes, obviously has no clue how to get the pills out. Then I give it to Marshall, and he poked his fingernail into the back, and slipped a pill out in less then 10 seconds. Now, I realize that Marshall was the one to take the pill out of the packaging, and I ask him how many he had popped out. He says "just one mom" I ask again, explaining how important it was that I know the truth so that Abby would be safe. He says "I only opened one, and when Abby got it, I took it away and gave it to you."

So now it's time to take Marshall to preschool. It's also about Abby's nap time. There is no way I'm going to let her lay down until I am positive that she hasn't downed any pills. So we drive Marshall to preschool, then I get Abby out and let her run around on the grass, then I put her back in the car and drive home. It's now been about an hour, I do everything in my power to keep my baby awake for another half and hour, and then I'm sure that if she isn't showing any signs of overdosing after an hour and a half, then we were probably safe.

I have never been so scared in my life. The doctor said the side effects of taking one or two pills could be heart arythmia, taking up to eight could have easily been fatal.

I think that the Lord was helping me to think through the logics of the situation before rushing her to the emergency room and getting her little stomach pumped for nothing. It was right before I was going to rush her down, that my mind was able to relax and work through the scenarios and the logic. I'm so grateful that she's okay! Quite the day for us!


Nik said...

I've had a couple of scenarios similar to this and it is definitely scary! My little sis actually had to take her child to the ER and he ended up at Primary Children's because he really did take the pills. I'm glad everything worked out and that your family was being watched over!

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

That is scary. I am so glad that Abby is safe and no harm was done. Good job on using your head, before acting so rash.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

WOW!!! That is scary! Good job staying calm and asking the right questions!! And good job, Marshall for telling Mommy all the important details to keep baby safe!!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Matthew had done something like that at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I think it was Grandpa's Ibuprofin that he uses everyday. The medicine had some orange color on each pill, that by just holding them your hand turns orange. So, as I was on the phone with the nurse stressing over it, not thinking about the dye, it finally dawned on me that if he had taken them his lips or something would be orange. Nothing was, he was clean. And I was able to relax again.

I don't care much for that feeling, feeling helpless, and unsure. I'm just glad that the kids are watched over as much as they are.

Cam and Amy said...

Wow! That is really scary. I'm a little miffed at the nurse not calling the doctor to the phone right away! Yay for the spirit calming and whispering huh! Glad she's okay. BTW, I'm in Bountiful and I use a Cannon DSLR. I'm just learning. I would love love love to learn more. I just have to have someone with more knowledge show me. Thanks for the compliments on the pics! It means a lot coming from a professional like yourself!!

Juanita said...

Amber that is SCARY!! I'm so glad she's okay! I love your button pics. :)