Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My dear sister melanie informed me that in my post about the fire in Brigham city, that instead of the word "it" I put the word "I" making it say "I burned an historic building . . ." Well, after picking myself up off the ground and wiping my tears of laughter, I called Thomas and he laughed so hard at work that his coworkers came looking in.

I guess it wouldn't have been so funny except once, when I was littler (I guess like maybe 12 or 13?) a bunch of us went to Remember the Maine Park up in Dry Fork (me, Lori Mansfield, Kristi Wilcken and others that I don't remember - if you're reading this and you were there, let me know, I'd love to reminisce) we were trying to light one of the little barbecues to roast some hot dogs. It was too windy, so we decided to put out what pitiful little fire we did get started and went back to Kristi's house. Soon after, we heard and saw a few fire engines - lights blaring heading past Kristi's house. Hmmm we think "that's weird"

My mom comes to pick us up and tells us that there are fire engines at Remember the Maine Park trying to put out a fire that was supposedly started in one of the barbecuers. She rushed down to see if we were all right because she knew that's where we were planning on being. Sobbing we tell her that we had been there 20 minutes ago, and that we thought we put out our fire good enough.

Obviously we hadn't! My mom drives us the 1/4 mile back to Remember the Maine park from Kristi's house and we confess our arson issues to the firemen. Oh, boy, did we get a stern lecture! The fireman asks "What were you trying to do?" Kristi says "We were trying to cook a hot dog" all of us start laughing, more from nerves I think than anything else.

They didn't make us pay for anything, but we did get a good talking to.

So, as you see, I already have an arson on my record. So to read about my typo, it brought back a fun little memory! (well, it wasn't fun then!!!!!!!!)


Brandy and Trent said...

Hey Amber its Brandy i dont kniw if you remember me but you did my pistures for my wedding i found your blog and saw some of my pictures on there you did such a good job we are very happy with them we hope to have you take some more of us..

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

That is so funny. I didn't know you had so many dark secrets hiding in your closet! ha ha!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

I guess I should call the police back and tell them you didn't really do it, it was just a typo-haha. I didn't even notice that! Funny!! :D

Cam and Amy said...

What a story to tell your kids, "Let me tell you about the time I was a pyromaniac..." That's too funny! Hey, was it you and I laughing about the song "Someone left the cake out in the rain?" I have this memory of us in class, laughing about it, and I think it was you, but can't remember exactly. Am I just crazy??

Just me! said...

I love it when your mom tells us the story of when she told you and your sibilings to not wake her from her nap unless there was a fire. And then there really was a fire!!!! Ahahaha!!! So funny! What's the chance of that?

Shawn said...

The thought of you, Lori Mansfield, and Kristi Wilkins starting a fire at Remember the Maine is funny!! I wished I could of seen that. :) You all don't seem like the type to have arson on your records. Ha! Ha!