Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As You Are!

I saw this cute little tag game on Tara's blog. I thought it sounded like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try! It makes you wonder just how clean your house really is! The rule is though, to take the photo AS IS RIGHT NOW. No changing things, no wiping off counters, no buying a new house just to claim it as yours, your rooms as they are right now!

1. My closet - Not necessarilly messy, but it is a little cluttered! We're sharing our closet with Abigayle still. So there's lots of baby/toddler clothes hanging in here too!

2. The kitchen sink - My kitchen is visible from my front door. I usually have at least one client a day - if not more - come to my home office. This means that the rooms visible from the front door HAVE to be clean. If a client just drops by, or calls last minute, I can't be apologizing for a mess. So, my kitchen is usually pretty clean.

3. The Toilet in the main bathroom - I hate cleaning the bathroom. This is the one that my family uses the very most because the other bathrooms are all upstairs. So, it's usually picked up - to a degree, but not very often is it spit shine clean :-(
4. The laundry room - My laundry room is either spotless or disaster. Not usually in the middle! On laundry day the clothes are seperated in piles all over the floor, sometimes you can't even open the door to the garage. You just have to go around! Last night we had a laundry folding/movie watching party, so today, the room is actually clean!

5. Kids in their best form.... I tiptoed into try and sneak a picture, but I think they are used to that tactic, I'm using it all the time!!!!! I did manage a pretty cute one of the two kids that were home!

6. A place you want to visit - That's odd, if I had a picture of the place I wanted to visit, doesn't that mean I would have been there to take it???? j/k!! I just thought that was funny. Thomas and I are hitting one of the places on my "list" next June, we are taking a trip to Madrid, Spain where his parents are serving a mission. Here's a pic I downloaded from the internet!

7. My fridge and freezer - We collect magnets from all the places we've traveled. Some of them Thomas has gone by himself for business, but alot of them the whole family has gone too! The inside, WOWOWOWOW time to clean out the fridge! (for those who know I'm always on a diet, those Kit Kats in the back are my hubby's!!) Sorry about the "censored" thing, I realized I had some clients info on the calendar, and didn't think they'd appreciate that!

8. My favorite room - I guess my favorite place in my house is standing in the entry way. We've finished decorating all the rooms that are attached to the entry way, and I love to stand there and look at each room and just have that little moment of "wow I like my house!" I also love to cook, so my kitchen is another of my favorite rooms! I also LOVE my yard, but I've posted that already!

9. Self portrait - Thats funny too, I always say the reason I chose photography, is to be behind the camera, not in front of it! So, maybe someday I'll get all dolled up and do a photo!

Here's the one Thomas helped me do for my web site. It's only about a 6month old photo. I hope that'll work!

10. My favorite shoes - I bought these to go with a new dress I bought for Stephanie's baptism day. I think they're kinda cute! You'll notice from my "self portrait", that I don't particularly love wearing shoes!!

That was a total workout!! So, anyone else up for the challenge??? Show me what you've got Mel, Meg, Mom, Michele and anyone else interested! It was actually kinda fun!


Marla said...

That was really fun. I will have to do it when I can climb over my moutain of laundry to get to my camera. hehe

Tara L. said...

Good Job Amber. I tagged you again.