Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I came across these photos the other day. These were taken when we drove up to Flaming Gorge a day earlier than the rest of the fam.

We spent part of the day renting canoes and paddle boats at Red Canyon Lodge

Met some friendly ducks while we waited at the dock - Abby didn't like the boats very much. I think mostly it was the life jacket that bugged her!

We tried our hands at a little fishing - nothing was biting that day though :-(

We did find this cute little deer! I felt pretty touristy as I chased the darn thing with a camera - as though I'd never ever seen a deer, or even hit one or two of them in a car before!Then we went to the trails around the Red Canyon overlook
Then we stopped for a nice serious pose amongst the scenery!!
Then we went back to the campground and crashed!!!!!


Marla said...

Your pics are beautiful!

Megan and Mike Glines said...

Oh, these are so cute. I want a copy of the pictures you took. Because I need some more pictures to be behind on my scrapbooking!

Brian said...

Great pictures, Amber! Looks like it was fun.

Michele and Wyatt said...

I love all your pictures.