Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Annual Mansfield Family Campout!

Well, we had our annual Mansfield Family Campout, and we were all there! 12 adults, and 11 kids! We're almost at that point where the kids are going to out number the "grown-ups"! We had a ton of fun, as always! Here are some of the highlights.

Marshall built himself a little hole to sit in and play at the beach!

Here's Marshall and Allison (Melanie & Kevin's little girl).

We found this Antelope at Lucerne Marina, he was just wandering around on the lawn, Megan jumped out of her car to see if it would let her get close to it! This is her being sad when it ran away! SoRrY Megan :-(

Here's Michael, his new wife Megan and little Chloe walking around in the water. This beach was so great, the water stayed shallow for a really long time! The kids loved being able to go play farther out in the water than you usually would get to.

Here's da' boys! Like father, like son! This was taken during a rain storm. Most of us ran for cover, but Dad, Wyatt, and Kamryn went and found a rock to climb, or lean on!

Here's Chloe (Megan's little girl) - We found it was just easier to give the kids their food straight from the ground, because that's where it ALWAYS ended up anyway! Actually, Chloe just dropped her bag of fruit snacks, we didn't put them there for her!

Little Matthew (Melanie's little boy) and his mom. Melanie was trying to get him to go to sleep. It worked, in about two minutes from this pic, she came back to the beach with a sleeping baby!

Abby and Grandma trying on some goggles! She is so cute! Notice Brynli's hand in the background! That's what most of the kids hands looked like 90 percent of the time!

Here's Thomas' little raft. Unfortuneately for him, the kids got more use out of it than he did! Every year, some "mishap" happens to this poor raft! The first year someone (we wont mention any names - Mike and Kevin) broke an oar. The second year the other oar went caput, and this year it got a little over inflated and the inner lining popped, plus it sprang a leak! I think we'll have to have a burial service for it this year!

You can't ever go to the beach without trying to bury your self in the sand! This is my Marshall and my Stephanie!

Back at the campground playing a little Bocce Ball with Megan (the new one), Michael, and Benjamin!
This is what happens when you get to much sand in your hair. Your mom takes you out to the lake and gives you a good old cleaning up! It was pretty cold water, and Chloe didn't mind being head dunked at all!

Benjamin, Stephanie and Derek found this little fuzzy caterpillar. They decided they were going to build it a little tent/nest and take care of it so it could build a cocoon. Well, morning came and Derek woke before Stephanie and he couldn't find his caterpillar. We went into the tent trailer and started getting the kids up and at 'em when Steph sat up and said "Look Dad!" we looked over and she was holding the caterpillar. She slept with the darn thing! Ewwwww!

Here are our three little trouble makers! Actually, there were soooo good! They entertained themselves just by using their little imaginations all week long! So here's Marshall, Brynli (Wyatt and Michele's) and Allison! Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! Our little monkeys!
This is our annual ritual of washing our hair in the creek that runs below our campsite. The water is SO cold, but all the girls go down with buckets and shampoo and conditioner and give their hair a good wash! R-L Stephanie, new Megan, Melanie, Mom, and sister Megan!

Well, we all survived and I think we all had a great time. Looking forward to going again next year! Flaming Gorge is a great place to camp, fish, swim, wash hair, eat food off the ground, and play Bocce Ball! If you haven't tried it out, you really should!


Michele & Wyatt said...

What a great trip! Now that I'm all clean I'm ready to go back.

Megan and Mike Glines said...

Amber, I am going to kick your bottom for posting the antelope page, I couldn't look fatter! But the trip was so much fun. I'm going to have to get those pictures.

Alys said...

This is so fun!! Every year it is something we all look forward to and we are never disappointed. I dread the day, which is bound to happen eventually, that someone and their family can't make it. It just wouldn't be the same!! Great pictures!