Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Day of School Festivities

Well, the day finally came for the kids (a few weeks ago, just getting around to looking at some of these pics), the last week of school! All week was fun and games. Tuesday is my usual day for helping in Benjamin's class, and the teacher asked if I would still do our regular thing in the morning. That was fine, because at 10:00 Stephanie's class was going to the park to meet their pen pals that they had been writing to all school year - they were from a different school in our district. Then, Benjamin's teacher asked if I would help in the class again that day at 12:00 while the kids made home made rootbeer and ice cream. I said yes, because I didn't need to be back to the park to help load up the gear from Stephanie's party and take it back to the school until 1:45.

So, if you missed it here's how my day went:
8:15-9:00 ben's class
10:00-12:00 steph's class
12:00-1:30 ben's class
1:45-2:30 steph's class
and of course, I took my little tykes with me to all but the first one in Ben's class where I have a friend that watches them twice a week while I'm in his class. I was worried that it would be a little too much for the three of us, but I think Marshall and Abby had more fun than the older kids!

Here's some pics of the big day!

This is Stephanie's pen pal Laura from Discovery Elementary! They hit it off pretty good!
Of course my little stephanie is at the age where you have to be shy for a little while when you're meeting someone new! She was sooooo nervous! You'll have to click on this pic and look at her eyes, sooo nervous!
obviously, everything was just great! Stephanie can usually make friends with just about anyone!
So, then it was ben's turn! The teacher had bought dry ice and all the other fixin's for home made individual servings of root beer. They had instructions to measure out their ingredients, and then the teacher chipped them off a chunk of dry ice to stir into their root beer! As a mom my first thoughts were "Oh, this is going to be trouble!! Fifth graders and dry ice WOW" but, I was proven wrong! No burned tongues or fingers. They were told to wait until their drinks quit smoking and bubbling before they drank them! I try not to drink things if that's the instructions I get!!!!!! Here's Ben's drink just a smokin' and a bubblin' away!
still smokin' and bubblin' it took forever before they could take a drink!!Then they went over to the home made ice cream table, and were given the ingredients in their individual quart size ziploc bag, they then took that bag and placed it inside of a gallon size bag full of ice and salt. All they had to do was shake and shake and shake . . .
fortuneatly, the shaking was finished quicker than the bubblin' and smokin'!
IcE CrEaM!
When asked if they liked it, they said "It's better than the goats milk ice cream we had to try yesterday!" (they had baby animal day on Monday, and they each got to have home made goats milk ice cream - YUCK!)


Marla said...

Those are some fun ideas that Benjamins teacher did. I also liked the pen pal idea.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

WoW those kids are big!! I can't believe how much they've grown in, what, 2 years?? Steph is so tall!!