Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fishing in the Park

Thomas promised the kids yesterday morning that if they worked really hard and got their rooms clean and helped out with Saturday chores, that he would take them to the park to go fishing. They did a great job, and so here we are! This is a beautiful little park here in Brigham called Pioneer Park. It is way shady and nice and cool. So, we stopped and grabbed some chicken for dinner, and found spot to eat. When everyone had their fill, out came the fishin' poles and we went down to have our catch!! Actually, nothin' was biting today! Better luck next time!


The Jeppsen 5 said...

Fun!! Pretty pictures! I love the one where Stephanie is helping Marshall with his fishing pole. :)

Tara L. said...

What a fun day. It is too hot here to go outside. I am jealous.

Michele & Wyatt said...

How fun, and beautiful! It looks like Abbie is feeling better. Thanks again for letting us stay at your house. Sorry it was such a short stay, but it was great to see you and visit with you. See you next week.