Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Benjamin

Okay, today I was sitting at the computer photo editing some pics. My mind kept wandering to all the other things I wanted/needed to do. I had dishes needed to be done, I have a business inspection tomorow morning, and I wanted to add another post on the blog. Then, there were all the things I SHOULD be doing for clients. So, I decided that I would add one post and then go do my dishes, then if I still had time, I would add aonther post. Sometimes I have to force myself to stop doing the things that NEED to be done, even if it's just for a little while, and allow myslef to do something I want to do!

So, this post is about Benjamin. After my first post, I decided each of my kids deserve a little more than the short sentence they got!

Benjamin turned eleven this year, and the most exciting thing for him there was that he got to start going to 11 year old scouts. He is looking forward to their first official campout next weekend! Today he got to go with the scout leader and get some groceries and supplies!

Benjamin is leaving the fifth grade tomorow! At their awards assembly, he received the Presidents Silver Award - given to about a dozen students for academics! He also recieved the Principles Award. This was given to 3 students total, and was awarded for over all achievements over the last year.

We were so proud of him! Especially the President's Award, because he has to work really hard to overcome some challenges he has. It takes him twice the effort as other kids to understand alot of academic stuff. But, he did amazingly well this year!

He also got to participate in the school play as "Baby Bear" he stole the show when he had to act like he was crying over his eaten porridge and broken chair!

He's also on the Student Council for Mountain View Elementary School. He loves getting to make announcements, collect recycling from the class room and putting up the flag.

Benjamin just enjoys life! That is probably the best way to sum him up! He's always happy! Everyday seems to hold some exciting surprise for him, and he savors it!

He is such a blessing in our family.

Here's a few more pics of Benjamin. 1) blowing bubbles 2) school dance festival 3) playing in the snow in the front yard! What a great big smile!


Tara L. said...

I can't believe you have an 11 year old.

Michele & Wyatt said...

Oh, I just love Ben. He is such a sweet, good kid. I can't believe how fast time goes. All of these kids are growing up to fast. Again, I love that you are blogging. We don't get to see you guys enough, so it is fun to see pictures and hear what you are doing.