Friday, May 30, 2008


What can you say about Marshall?

Here's Marshall's quote of the day:

We were having a clean your rooms day. Marshall comes down and says "I'm done cleaning my room, but I locked my door" dad says "Marshall, your door doesn't lock" Marshall says "I have the super power of door locking" dad says "Marshall . . . I'm going to go up and check your room now" Marshall says "fine, just don't look in the closet." dad walks up the stairs bedroom door - not locked (gasp - the superhero powers don't work) bedroom floor - spotless! closet - not so much!!!!! (I say, if your going to get super powers, it's much better to get the room cleaning type!!!!!)

Marshall is probably my quietest, most shy child - do I hear laughing! He loves everyone and everything. He collects rocks, sticks, and box elder bugs. Just this month he graduated from dragging two blankets around (cow blanket and teddy blanket - one has a cow pattern and the other has teddy bears all over it), to carrying three stuffed pets around. And oh, my goodness. They are REAL in his mind! All three of them are named Toby!

Marshall is 4 years old, and since the day he was born he has been mama's little angel baby! When he was an younger, every single night he would sit in my lap and we'd watch t.v. together until he fell asleep. As he got older I would lay in his bed and read him 2 books and then tuck him in. Just the other day, he said "mom I think I can tuck myself in tonight" Tears, tears, tears. My angel baby is growing up!

Here's Marshall!!

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