Friday, May 30, 2008

What do you think?

We officially finished the front yard this year! We've only been in the house for 5 years! We are sooooo fast! :-)

I know I have a "before" picture somewhere, but I need to do some digging. If I find it, I'll post them side by side - might get a chuckle, or a sore back! We did!

Last Hurdle Crossed

Well, we fussed and fretted and worried and worked to make sure the house would pass the Home Business Inspection. The inspector came today at 11:25 and was out the door by 11:28. He glanced in the office. Went down stairs into the studio. Looked at the heater and air conditioner vents. Signed the paper and left!

That means, that the only thing left to do is wait for my business license to arrive in the mail. I've officially filed with the state of Utah with the company name of Two Color Photography and Design, we've paid all the licensing fees, bought all the fire extinguishers (one for each floor of the house) and tried to decided the least hideous place to put them. Passed the inspection, and can officially run my business!!!!!


Check out my website -! I should see if I can find a printer who might design me a logo and a business card . . . . . . hmmmm. If anyone knows a good one, give me the number! Just kiddn' Wyatt! Actually, If you're ever bored and want to play around with a logo. I've tried and tried and hate everyone I've come up with. I didn't want to be one of those photographers who just puts their name in cursive and calls it their logo. I want something different and fun! No big rush, I'm not really into the whole advertising thing too much. I had to go legal because I was getting to much word of mouth business, and making too much money. I'm not sure that I want to get much busier than I already am until the kids are grown up a little!

Little Abby Ella

Here's my beautiful blue-eyed abigayle! What a little bundle of joy she is! Not a day goes by that I am not laughing at something cute or silly or sweet that she's done! Her loves are her dolly, her daddy and her binky!

This is little abigayle with her little dolly! Poor doll looks a little ragged for being carried around!

Here is abby's official first attempt at walking! This is the first time that I've had a camera around when any of my kids are taking those first steps - gasp!!!

These two pics were taken over easter weekend. I think that this is what her mouth looked like for days and days. Wads of candy hidden in those cheeks like a little chipmunk! I love how beautiful her eyes look in the second shot. This was the first time mom decided to try and get two ponytails in her hair. Wow, I guess I'd better wait till those side pieces grow out a little before I try that one again! Wait, what's that in her mouth!!!!!

Abby is such a joy! I literally almost cry when I sit and watch her sometimes. Why is it the older we get, the quicker our kids get older? My heart just breaks a little as I realize that soon she'll go to nursery, and then she'll be in preschool, then she'll be married! I think this hits harder and harder after each baby is born and starts growing up. So how do we stop the growing too fast?
Let me know if you figure it out! I'd love to have the secret!


What can you say about Marshall?

Here's Marshall's quote of the day:

We were having a clean your rooms day. Marshall comes down and says "I'm done cleaning my room, but I locked my door" dad says "Marshall, your door doesn't lock" Marshall says "I have the super power of door locking" dad says "Marshall . . . I'm going to go up and check your room now" Marshall says "fine, just don't look in the closet." dad walks up the stairs bedroom door - not locked (gasp - the superhero powers don't work) bedroom floor - spotless! closet - not so much!!!!! (I say, if your going to get super powers, it's much better to get the room cleaning type!!!!!)

Marshall is probably my quietest, most shy child - do I hear laughing! He loves everyone and everything. He collects rocks, sticks, and box elder bugs. Just this month he graduated from dragging two blankets around (cow blanket and teddy blanket - one has a cow pattern and the other has teddy bears all over it), to carrying three stuffed pets around. And oh, my goodness. They are REAL in his mind! All three of them are named Toby!

Marshall is 4 years old, and since the day he was born he has been mama's little angel baby! When he was an younger, every single night he would sit in my lap and we'd watch t.v. together until he fell asleep. As he got older I would lay in his bed and read him 2 books and then tuck him in. Just the other day, he said "mom I think I can tuck myself in tonight" Tears, tears, tears. My angel baby is growing up!

Here's Marshall!!

Stephanie's Turn!

Okay, one down three to go! Granted, it's now a day later! So much for doing some dishes and then getting right back to the blog!

Here's my Stephanie! Stephanie is my "mini me"! Our personalities are so much alike, sometimes it's a blast, and sometimes it does cause a little tension! We both like to be in control! My mom is probably laughing right now and saying "She got her mother's curse"!

Stephanie turned 8 in March, and that brought a whole list of thing she got to do. Her birthday was acutally on Easter this year, and she played that for all it was worth! She opened her new baptism dress on her birthday. Lucky me that she's a girly girl, because I really enjoyed buying her a poofy frilly dress! She was baptised a few days after her birthday, and looked absolutely beautiful! This picture is her on her birthday trying on the dress for the first time!

Stephanie also got to start going to Activity Days! I am the 10/11 year old activity day leader, but over the summer we're combining with the 8/9 year old group. She was really excited that she got to be with her mom for activity days, even if it's only for a little while! This is Stephanie at our last activity. We went to a local green house and they got to plant a snapdragon for their moms!

Stephanie loves school, she is quite the little social butterfly! I don't think she's had the same friend over more than once. When she does, I know that that must be one special little friend! The teacher says that it's hard to move her desk, because no matter where she gets moved to, she makes best friends with whoever she sits by! (wait a minute mom, how did I get Megan's mother's curse too?????) Here's Stephanie with her class at the school dance festival!

Stephanie is not afraid of anything, she will give a talk in primary, bear her testimony at church, give an oral report in class, climb a rock wall, whatever she want to do she just grits her teeth, and gets to work. Stephanie absolutely ADORES her little sister. We moved Abby into Stephanie's room a little less than a year ago, and every morning when I wake stephanie up for school, I can hear the two of them in there just a talkin' away! I am so lucky to have two boys and two girls, because they each have a little buddy to play with!

I love watching Stephanie, because I always imagine myself responding to situations the same way I see her respond. Some times I'm elated, some times a little dissapointed, but always just totally in love with that daughter of mine!

Here's Stephanie's snow pic, and her and Benjamin climbing a rock wall at the school carnival. For any one who knows Ben, that was quite a feat! For Stephanie, it was a contest to beat her brother!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Benjamin

Okay, today I was sitting at the computer photo editing some pics. My mind kept wandering to all the other things I wanted/needed to do. I had dishes needed to be done, I have a business inspection tomorow morning, and I wanted to add another post on the blog. Then, there were all the things I SHOULD be doing for clients. So, I decided that I would add one post and then go do my dishes, then if I still had time, I would add aonther post. Sometimes I have to force myself to stop doing the things that NEED to be done, even if it's just for a little while, and allow myslef to do something I want to do!

So, this post is about Benjamin. After my first post, I decided each of my kids deserve a little more than the short sentence they got!

Benjamin turned eleven this year, and the most exciting thing for him there was that he got to start going to 11 year old scouts. He is looking forward to their first official campout next weekend! Today he got to go with the scout leader and get some groceries and supplies!

Benjamin is leaving the fifth grade tomorow! At their awards assembly, he received the Presidents Silver Award - given to about a dozen students for academics! He also recieved the Principles Award. This was given to 3 students total, and was awarded for over all achievements over the last year.

We were so proud of him! Especially the President's Award, because he has to work really hard to overcome some challenges he has. It takes him twice the effort as other kids to understand alot of academic stuff. But, he did amazingly well this year!

He also got to participate in the school play as "Baby Bear" he stole the show when he had to act like he was crying over his eaten porridge and broken chair!

He's also on the Student Council for Mountain View Elementary School. He loves getting to make announcements, collect recycling from the class room and putting up the flag.

Benjamin just enjoys life! That is probably the best way to sum him up! He's always happy! Everyday seems to hold some exciting surprise for him, and he savors it!

He is such a blessing in our family.

Here's a few more pics of Benjamin. 1) blowing bubbles 2) school dance festival 3) playing in the snow in the front yard! What a great big smile!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

AAAAARGHH!!!!! Just finished typing a whole post about how it's neat to have a blog for our family. How I was inspired by Wyatt and Michele's entries, how I felt like I was closer to our families by reading them . . . added some updates on the kids, pushed some wrong button, and BOOM no more post! It's now midnight, my eye's are closing, so here we are in a nutshell

Thomas - Autoliv, loves it, travels

Amber - Photography, Business Owner,

Benjamin 11, 6th grade, Arrow of Light

Stephanie, 8, third grade, baptised, girly girl

Marshall, 4, comic relief, some funny quotes about cleaning his room, haha

Abby, 1.3 years old, cute, cute, blue eyes, cute